Specializing in the Health, Education, and Social Services Sectors

Serving Not-for-Profit, Public, and For-Profit Organizations

ReimbursementIQ helps clients like you characterize, quantify, and capture new opportunities for legitimate earnings growth and 360-degree impact in convergence markets where disruptive forces (like growing demands for value) impact the health, education, and social-service sectors.

We have served nonprofits, government agencies, and scores of for-profit companies including…

  • Startup ventures on their way to brand-name status (e.g., WebMD),
  • Small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) on their way to acquisition (e.g., Respironics pre-Philips), and
  • Multinational corporations (MNCs) on their way to standard-setting industry breakthroughs (e.g., Merck around Plain Language communications).

Supporting Leaders, Managers, and Knowledge Workers

Our work supports….

  • Key opinion leaders (KOLs), subject matter experts (SMEs), and value-focused practice leaders
  • Innovators, entrepreneurs, and executives
  • Small and mid-sized business (SMB) owners
  • Investors (e.g., angels, venture capitalists, private-equity partners, investment banking executives, corporate investors)
  • Chief officers, corporate directors, and advisory board members
  • Senior vice presidents, vice presidents, and department heads
  • Program directors, project directors, and individual contributors
  • Executive directors of non-profits organizations (NPOs), non-government organizations (NGOs), and government agencies
  • Researchers, legislators, and policymakers
  • Other experts in data sharing, intellectual property (IP) protection, and value-based contracting 

Whether you’re ramping up on the volume-to-value (V2V0 transition or already leading the field,