“Beyond The Hub” Services

Offering High-Touch Helplines

Delivering Emotional IQ, Plain Language, and SDoH Solutions

Securing Coverage, Collecting RWD, and Building RWE

ReimbursementIQ offers next-gen, high-touch call centers that help patients, healthcare professionals (HCPs), and existing hub service providers.

We help ensure all parties are working together to:

  • improve product, service, or solution performance, outcomes, and impacts; 
  • create omnichannel communication systems that support real-world data (RWD) collection, and 
  • build real-world evidence (RWE) of differential value.

Patient-reported outcomes (PROs) are critical. So is downstream care-seeking behavior that would show up in longitudinal insurance claims analytics.

That’s why we focus on getting patients:

  • appropriate insurance coverage decisions;
  • accelerated access to appropriate products, services, and solutions; and
  • whatever is necessary to maximize their satisfaction and outcomes.

Often serving as a first point of contact, we get patients out of the “healthcare pinball machine” so they don’t have to ramp up on separate call centers for appointment scheduling, clinical support, co-pay assistance, discount cards, bridge samples, product fulfillment, or more.

We gently guide them through all relevant healthcare and hub services so they experience well-founded hope instead of fear and anxiety.

Our help includes:

  • Health Plan and Hub Navigation Services so patients have a one-stop shop in dealing with hub service providers, healthcare professionals (HCPs), healthcare provider organizations, third-party administrators (TPAs), third party payers (TPPs), and health plan purchasers (e.g., employer and union benefit administrators).
  • Plain Language Support Services for Improved Health Literacy to help patients and their caregivers understand how to
  • access the U.S. healthcare system, find reliable healthcare providers, and secure trustworthy healthcare information;
  • share medical histories, socioeconomic and psychosocial information, and symptoms with physicians, physician extenders, and other care-focused professionals so these experts have enough insight to be helpful;
  • secure and follow health-related instructions to protect and enhance their health after being discharged from hospitals, leaving physician offices, filling prescriptions, speaking with telehealth providers, etc.;
  • exercise self-care and increase their self-efficacy around their mental, physical, spiritual, social, and financial health; and 
  • build confidence and self-efficacy around community care, healthcare, and self-care resources.
  • Community Care Referral Services that ensure patients know how to access “211” social services programs around social determinants of health (SDoHs).

With our support, patients get the care they need, your existing hub service providers enjoy higher success rates, and you get the favorable patient-reported outcomes (PRO) and real-world evidence (RWE) you need…so everyone wins.